As part of World Malaria Day, FEDEC, BACUDA, and Ngovayang Catholic Hospital conducted an awareness campaign about malaria prevention and distributed mosquito nets to the indigenous populations of the Lolodorf-Bipindi-Kribi road axis in southern Cameroon.

The team in charge of the mission distributed and installed 42 mosquito nets at the Ngoyang Home, which houses students aged 4 to14 who attend public school in the same locality.

The mission team distributedmosquito net and raised awareness about malaria prevention in 21 Bakola/Bagyeli communities; 193 children aged 0 to 5 years and 29 pregnant women received a mosquito net. Also, themission team’s nurses monitored the health of these pregnant women. Remember that malaria is the leading cause of death in children and adults in the area.

The mission team took care to install the nets in the beneficiaries’ home.

This mission was carried out thanks to the mosquito nets in-kind donation of l’AssociationCamerounaise pour le marketing Social.