In order to supply the populations of Ngoyang with drinking water, FEDEC and the Otélé Drinking Water Project (pep) have collaborated with a view to setting up a drinking water well at the public school of Ngoyang, located in Ngoyang District in the Ocean Department.

The inauguration of the work took place on May 12, 2021. A ceremony chaired by the Executive Director of the Foundation, Mrs. EDOA Anne Virginie in the presence of the Director of the PEP, the parish priest of Ngoyang, the President of the Management Committee of the locality household (COGEFON) and the indigenous communities of Ngoyang. The speeches phase started with a word of welcome from the President of COGEFON. The Director of the PEP then took the floor to explain the specific context of the construction of this structure. The honor went to the Director of FEDEC to bring out the first drop of water in front of an indigenous community visibly moved to have a point of drinking water very close to them. The parish priest of Ngoyang blessed the work to close the ceremony.