Mbam and Djerem National Park

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The Mbam and Djerem National Park, created in January 2000, is a compensatory mechanism of the Chad-Cameroon Pipeline Project’s Environmental Compensation Plan.

Covering an area of ​​416,512 hectares, the Park’geographic range extends to the Adamaoua, an area comprising both Equatorial Rainforests (South and East) and Sudano-Guinean savanna areas.

Two large rivers flow through the Park:

• The Djerem river flows from North to South in the Eastern part of the Park. Djerem is actually the name given to the upper river of the Sanaga.

• The Mbam, main river of the Sanaga, flows from North to South in the Western part of the Park.

FEDEC’s activities in Mbam and Djerem National Park aim to provide long-term financial support for the maintenance and enhancement of biodiversity. To achieve this objective, FEDEC works in partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), which is FEDEC’s implementing agency  for the following programs:

  • Protection and land-use planning of the Park
  • Secure the Park’s boundaries
  • Fight against poaching
  • Capacity-building of conservation services
  • Monitoring and research the dynamics of important wildlife species
  • Environmental education