As part of the project “Promoting the Representation and Participation of Bakola/Bagyeli Communities in Local Decision-Making” funded by the High Commission of Canada in Cameroon, a pylon was built at the radio house Community Nkuli Makeli.

The inauguration ceremony of the pylon was held on March 22, 2018, in Kribi in the presence of the representative of the High Commissioner of Canada in Cameroon, the representative of the Department of Océan, administrative and municipal authorities, associations and Bakola/Bagyelipopulations.

The ceremony’s schedule comprised two main events. The first event included various speeches.The President of the Association pour la Défense et la promotion des droits des peuples autochtones (ADEPA) — Association for the Defense and Promotion of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples—thanked the High Commission of Canada in Cameroon for the funding provided for the implementation of this project. The representative of the High Commissioner welcomed the quality of the work done while urging the beneficiaries of the project to put in place a maintenance strategy for the acquiredequipment. The representative of the Department of Océan closed the firstevent, recalling the actions carried out by the Government of Cameroon in favor of indigenous peoples. He also sensitized elites, traditional authorities and politicians to the importance of involving Bakola/Bagyeli communities in decision-making bodies.

The second event included a guided tour of the Nkuli Makeli Radio Broadcast Room and of the newly constructed pylon installation. Measuring 51 meters, the pylon is driven 1.5 meters deep into the ground and is supported by three anchors.

Thepylon will increase Radio’s coverage, making the Radio accessible tomore than 80% of Bakola/Bagyeli communities in the Department of Océan.

Remember that the Government of Canada and FEDEC have been supporting Radio Nkuli Makeli since its inception; the High Commission of Canada in Cameroon financed the purchase of radio equipment in 2016, while Cuso International, a Canadian NGO, assigned a volunteer reporter to the Radio in 2017. FEDEC, for its part, supports the Radio operation.