The 2018/2019 Back-to-School looks promising for the Bakola/Bagyeli indigenous students. Indeed, the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Cameroon granted a donation of 8,260,000 XAF to the Foundation for Environment and Development in Cameroon (FEDEC).

The donation will be used to purchase school supplies such as school bags, notebooks, pencils, pens, chalks, compass sets, and calculators. Approximately 500 Bakola/Bagyeli students from 29 maternal, primary and secondary schools in the Ocean Department will benefit from the donation.

The official donation ceremony was held at the FEDEC offices in Yaoundé on August 31, 2018. It was chaired by the Director of National Solidarity of the Ministry of Social Affairs (MINAS) in the presence of the chargé d’affaires of the Embassy of China in Cameroon, volunteers from Cuso International , representatives of Chinese companies in Cameroon, and Bakola/Bagyeli students accompanied by their mentors from the Bagyeli Cultural Development Association.

The FEDEC director thanked the Chinese Embassy and Chinese companies for their support towards the education of indigenous peoples. The Bagyeli student, Ghislaine Mimbiang, spoke on behalf of all her comrades to thank China and FEDEC. She promised that the Bakola/Bagyeli youngsters would be working hard to become responsible citizens and get the job of their dream. The chargé d’affaires of the Chinese Embassy expressed the interest of his institution to continue collaboration with FEDEC in the conservation of biodiversity and in the improvement of the living conditions of the indigenous populations. The representative of MINAS congratulated FEDEC for its work and took the opportunity to sensitize the indigenous Bakola/Bagyeli people to the importance of education.

The ceremony ended with the delivery of school kits to the high school students who were present.