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In the citizenship aspect, FEDEC works to reduce the cases of land conflicts between the Bakola/Bagyeli and their neighbors and to ensure the Bakola/Bagyeli’s better integration into civic life. This goes, on the one hand, by the creation of well-defined village territories and, on the other hand, by a greater control of Bakola/Bagyeli’srights and duties.

To achieve this, a series of activities are set up with local populations:

  • Sensitize and support the Bakola/Bagyeli communities to the declaration of births and to the establishment of national identity cards and marriage certificates.
  • Help the population to identify and set up a system for archiving important documents.
  • Inform local authorities about land issues.
  • Facilitate the dialogue between Bakola/Bagyeli and their neighbors.
  • Promote local culture and know-how.