Agriculture and income generating activities

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The economy of Bakola/Bagyeli populations is varied and based on the combination of hunting, gathering, collection, trade and sale of forest products, agriculture, work for the Bantu and traditional medicine.

Trades are facilitated by money or barter. However, the average income per individual remains low and is insufficient for basic needs (health, education, etc.).

The goal of developing agriculture among the Bakola/Bagyeli people is to produce food in sufficient quantities so that they can feed themselves and generate income through the sale of surpluses.

In agriculture, FEDEC works to build the production capacities of the population, particularly through sensitizing the Bakola/Bagyeli people to good management of agricultural practices such as seeding, harvesting, drying, etc.

The success of agricultural activities requires enhanced and adapted support combined with close monitoring of farmers.

The planned activities include preparation of land for cultivation, distribution of seeds and agricultural tools, education, trainings in various agricultural techniques, creation of agricultural cooperatives, support for the development of income-generating activities, agroforestry plantations, and assistance in strengthening the home gardens as a structuring and stabilizing element of the habitat.