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Radio Nkuli Makeli: the tam-tam that carries your voices
102.4 FM in Kribi
Nkuli Makeli Radio, the community radio of Kribi located in the Department of Océan, is an associative, secular, apolitical and non-profit radio that serves indigenous people. Its team consists of qualified and dedicated hosts who broadcast programs using latest-generation equipment.
The Mission of Nkuli Makeli Radio
To advocate human rights and promote vulnerable indigenous people.
To promote the holistic development of inclusive communities through information, education, communication and awareness programs in a courteous, non-violent and communication-for-development style.
Radio Programs
• Information
• Education
• Health
• Agriculture and livestock
• Hunting, fishing and gathering
• Economy
• Environment
• Tourism
• Culture
• Human rights and citizenship
• Miscellaneous
Broadcast languages
• French
• English
• Kola
• Gyeli
• Mbvumbo
• Mabi
• Fang
• Ewondo
• Batanga
• Bassa’a