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JANUARY: FEDEC co-opted the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife as a new member of the Board of Directors.

FEDEC’s Master Plan was validated.

MARCH: FEDEC launched Mbam-Djerem National Park’s 1st revision plan.

DECEMBER: FEDEC signed a partnership agreement with the Republic of Cameroon, whereby FEDEC has the right to locate its headquarters in Cameroon as well as benefit from tax and custom advantages.

FEDEC began implementing components.

MAY 1st: FEDEC launched its activities at its administrative office in Yaoundé.

NOVEMBER 16th: Presidential decree no 2001/363 was signed granting FEDEC the status of a state-approved charity organization/non-profit organization.

SEPTEMBER 7th: The Cameroon Oil Transportation Company (COTCO) financed and allocated 3.5 Million to FEDEC and deposited this amount as a fixed deposit in an account owned by FEDEC in CITIBANK New-York.

MARCH 29th: FEDEC was registered at the Hague Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands as a Dutch trust fund.

JANUARY: FEDEC’s Board of Directors was established.