To be the source of reference in Cameroon for long term financing of biodiversity conservation is our primary preoccupation.

The Foundation for Environment and Development in Cameroon (FEDEC) is an ever evolving organization. Today after 17 years of experience in the field implementing the Environmental Management Plan of the Chad-Cameroon Pipeline Project, our ambition is to put our expertise in the management and monitoring of compensation funds to the service of other projects being implemented in Cameroon which have negative biophysical and social impacts on the environment.

Partners of structural adjustment projects, donors and sponsors we propose that you use this institutional tool that the Government of Cameroon, the World Bank and COTCO have put in place to finance We have the essential skills to properly carry out all the tasks given to us  biodiversity protection and sustainable development.

It is in this framework that the government of Cameroon decided to confer us the status of a public benefit organization and a partnership agreement. Besides we have the financial and material support from great institutions such as COTCO and the Pipeline Steering and Monitoring Committee (PSMC) just to name a few. Added to this are our integrity (rigorous respect for ethics), our professionalism, and our sense of responsibility, team spirit, individual challenge, our competence, quality services and expertise.

We propose to you a different vision with good capacity of financial management, a good knowledge of activities in the environmental domain, the self-promotion of communities and vulnerable population and efficient management for the resolution of current issues relevant to the Cameroonian context.  We do our best to provide maximum satisfactory services to our donors and the populations we work with.

By working with FEDEC, your environmental and social management plans would be achieved. Although each compensation program is distinct, FEDEC helps in the reduction of administrative costs and helps you focus on your primary objectives while demonstrating your support to Cameroon’s general interest on matters related to environment and community development.

I as director and my team, we welcome you in our dynamic and convivial internet site. I am convinced that you would go back enriched and satisfied.