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Support for Bakola / Bagyeli Schooling


Support the Emergence of a Socio-economic Elite

FEDEC is supporting the schooling of 12 Bagyeli/Bakola students for the 2017/2018 school year. The students, who are enrolled at the Christ Roi d’Obout and Don Bosco High Schools in Ebolowa, are working toward attending higher education and integrating into professional life in sectors such as engineering, medicine, journalism and finance, which up until now were inaccessible for the Bakola/Bagyeli.


The Ngoyang Residence: A Home of Hope


Built over an area of almost one hectare, the Ngoyang Residence was founded in 1994. It is located 15 km from the city of Lolodorf and accommodates Bakola/Bagyeli children from remote communities so they can attend Ngoyang Kindergarten and Primary School while living nearby.

The mission of the Residence

Home: The Residence is a living environment for children whose communities are located far from schools and whose parents cannot afford to send them to school.

Education: The school is an environment conducive to the acquisition of both school and socio-cultural knowledge.

Integration: By receiving both Bantu and Bagyeli children, the Residence is a place where they can integrate.

Ngoyang Residence life and organization

The Residence offers students an environment that is favourable to their psychological and social development.

It can accommodate around one hundred girls and boys aged 4 to 14 who attend Ngoyang Public School. Children are enrolled from kindergarten to CM2. During the week, the children are housed and fed at the Residence. At the end of the week and during the holidays, they return to their communities.

The Residence’s administrative team is composed of dedicated individuals: one supervisor, one guardian, one storekeeper and two cooks. Under the responsibility of a management committee, the supervisor coordinates all activities held at the Residence.